fitting camp gear in a Loon 111

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Hi! I'm planning a small trip on the Delaware Water Gap (NJ/PA border) with a rental kayak. At that location they tend to be Old Town Loon 111s (15' boat according to person on phone). CORRECTION, IT'S 11 FEET. BUT THEY ALSO HAVE 138s.

The Water Gap has primitive sites you can set up camp for the night. Am I delusional in thinking I can pack a light tent, sleeping bag and pad, water, stove and some food and clothing items in a Loon? Can anyone shed some light on this? (I'd have to buy a 2-person UL tent for this purpose, our 8-person car-camping tent is not gonna cut it!)

My fall-back option is set up on a campground and just do day trips on the river, but I think it would be so cool to camp right on the water, where you can only reach by boat, and it's just you. I've kayaked this river many times before, just never camped there.

Any insights greatly appreciated!

It’s a short 15 feet

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Since the Loon 100 is 10 feet and the Loon 120 is twelve feet and the Loon 138 is thirteen feet eight inches I'd bet that the Loon 111 is eleven feet 1 inch.

you are right!

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I had assumed the same but the person at the rental told me (by phone) that the 111 was bigger than the 138, and that it was 15'. Just checked Old Town's website though, and it's not. The 111 is indeed 11'1". That qualifies as a VERY short 15' indeed ;)

OK, this makes my question all the more challenging! Has anyone tried camping with either a 111 or a 138? (They won't guarantee you get the 138, it's "whatever's on the trailer").

Find yourself a canoeist
Canoes hold lots of stuff. Find a canoeist to go with you and have them carry the gear.