Fitting Mako saddles

I just purchased Mako saddles for use with my Ocean Caper and I am trying to figure out how they are supposed to fit. The Caper has a bit of a U-shaped keel (that is the best way I know to describe it). Are the saddles supposed to fit the outside of the hull or around the middle? I am inclined to space the saddles as widely as possible so that they fit the edges of the hull.

not familiar
I’m not familiar with that boat - can you post a link to a picture?

I would guess that you’d want to set the saddles to the edge of the hull, which is the “normal” way to use them - but this is just based on what you’re saying. A picture is worth a thousand words…!

Here is one picture

It doesn’t really show it very well. It is neither a rounded nor a V bottom. There is a keel and it seems like the saddles fit better against that keel. With the straps to tie it down, I suppose it does not matte much. I had the whole thing set up in my living room so I could attach the saddles to my rack before I put the rack on my car.

Mako saddles squish down pretty well. I have a friend who paddles a wood boat and uses them, and they’re set up underneath the boat so that the strap comes right to the chine edge of the boat. It’s a wooden sea kayak from a CLC kit, so the chines (where the bottom meets the side of the hull) are about a 75 degree corner. This has worked pretty well for the, so they are flexible for mounting options.

Go with what looks like it will hold it best and remember that the grey rubber part is designed to grip the hull a little bit once the straps are tied down. Good luck!

I noticed that the saddles are quite flexible; I have yet to try it on top of the car though.