Fitting of dry top

My wife has a very hard time putting her dry top on over her head. My thought is to just cut several of the rings off and let it be alittle looser.

I know, it will not be completely water proof and will let water in.

Her thought is she will never get wet. I’ve tried to explain that it’s not if but when. I’m sure some of you guys have heard it before. And before you girl’s chime in I mean nothing by it.

She will probably never paddle in bad conditions so I’m not to worried but just want her safe.

So besides cutting to many rings what are the other options?

Ps she is in her 50’s and a mild paddler.



Get a semi dry top
one with a neoprene neck, Like an Immersion Research Competition. I use that and it was pretty dry when new but lets a bit of water in now but I stayed warm all winter in Tahoe and the Truckee.

dry top
Hers is the NRS Revolution. She has a weak neck and when trying to pull it over her head it just hurts.

You going with Cuda to Mono Lake? I’ll be on Topaz Lake Fri and Sat… Thought about Mono Sun but not sure.


Twin Lakes
but we may paddle Mono on Sunday.

Mono Lake
You launching from Navy Beach?

Not sure if we will go to Mono though.

Well maybe someday we can hook up for a paddle over and around the Islands.


I will be off weekdays
during the summer. Drop me a line


A couple of suggestions
First, if you put talcum powder on the inside of the seal, it will slide on MUCH easier. It’s a night and day difference.

Second, if the neck seal is too tight, you can trim it to achieve a comfortable fit. DO NOT trim it so that it’s loose, as it defeats the whole purpose of a dry top. However, when it fits right, you should be able to lift the seal off her skin easily with your thumb and forefinger.

If you need trimming instructions, email me and I’ll send you some. Contrary to what some people might tell you, it’s very easy.

tight-fitting dry suit neck
An old trick used to be to get a coffee can or similar that was about same diameter as neck…stick it in the neck tube and let it gradually expand that opening. Of course, cutting small increments of the neck tube off works, but only fractions of an inch at a time…I think you will regret cutting it too loosely…can never go back unless you re-apply an entirely new neck piece.