Fitting Yakima Mako Saddles/Hully Roller

I have a Mako Saddle and Hully Rollers from Yakima and I am about to purchase a Thule Xsporter because my brother-in-law gets a huge discount from the store. I am wondering if anyone out there has tried to fit these Yakima products onto the Xsporter and what they did to achieve this? I notice you can buy Xadapter kits for the Thule Xsporter but I am not sure which kit would be what I need, if any of them. Any insight out there?


Hoping someone out there has some suggestions. I emailed Thule Tech Support to see if they can give me some suggestions (Xadapters) that may work without me having to fork extra $$$ for Thule products.

Thule Rep was worthless
Rep couldn’t tell me nor give any advice/suggestions to try. I’d hate to do the the trail and error thing since they have so many xadapters. I may just improvise my own adapter to make this thing work.

Meantime, waiting to see if Yakima reps can provide some insight.

Yakima Rep responds
and can tell me nothing. sigh I guess I will have to take a stab at one of the xadapter choices and see what happens.