"fittings" for home-made float bags


I’m trying to locate a source for a couple of “fittings”, for lack of a better term, commonly used in float bags or on a paddle float.

First of all, most of these units have an “elbow” that attaches (vinyl glues, heat seals) to the bag onto which a length of clear vinyl tubing is attached. Secondly, on the other end of the clear vinyl tubing is often a “twist-lock” air tight valve that lets you fill or deflate the float bag or paddle float. Is anyone aware of a source for these fittings?

I know there are other ways to achieve the same effect, but I’m specifically looking for these “fitting” at the moment.

Thank you.

I Make Float Bags
you don’t need that elbow. All you need is the .5" clear vynln tubing, found in hardware stores, and the valves that can be ordered from NRS. You need either marine goop to make more effective seal of the nylon around the tube, after you have heat sealed the shape of the area to accept the tube as tightly as possible.


Sea kayaker did an article on
how to do it with no hardware. Worht reading.

I hate to recommend cheap junk but a $5.00 iron fron the cheap junk place might save your marriage.

here ya go!

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halkey roberts valves


select "inflation systems" (blue)

Thanks, madmike!

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I believe that these are the exact "fittings" I have on my paddle float and Sea-Seat.

Tube end drain valve twist:


Right angle flange:


How do you do it?
With the cost of float bags, I would love to be able to make my own for a much (I presume) lower cost! Any info would be great.

Here’s one way to start…
If you can get this back issue of Sea Kayaker, it’s a good place to start. Sea Kayaker, Issue 88, June 2002, page 52: “Drybags and floatbags” by Roger Ledbetter: Do-it-yourself, Dry bags, Float bags.

If you have a good sewing machine and previous sewing skills, making float bags and drybags out of heat sealable nylon is pretty simple and cheap. Otherwise, the initial investment in time, money and effort is something to consider.

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