Five years ago to now - Prattsville

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This story appeared in today's paper about Prattsville, a town which was decimated by Irene and in which on of Pnet's own lived. A lot of people were staying tuned about this for a long while after. Here is the link for anyone who remembers all of that.

Subsequent ad: I just looked at the item that Facebook chose to deliver me in its daily blast from the past it delivers to users. My own city was not whacked nearly as hard as it could have been had not the guys lowered the water level behind an upriver dam by 12 inches the day before. But the region was still pretty much impassible.

Here is the facebook post, totally talking about Irene:
"Can't get from here to there. I had hoped to get out to help at the barn, but it'll just be an early day tomorrow. State of emergency and/or flooded roads and power lines down every route I have between here and Glenville. I just talked to the barn owner and they are enforcing the restrictions on driving. She can get to the horses to do the feed and water, but only because she is so close by."


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Puh raahvil is in Alabama ?

I wuz just looking for Kubrick's 2001 dance number in utube but cannah find.

However, look at the first screen in: ssd noaa gov trop atl

the low has considerable strength for a disorganized system demonstrating for abt 3 -4 days now, an affinity for eddy turns under flat Bahamian islands.

As the storm enters the Straits, a red cloud top lingers under Andros.

The Atl wind driven by sunrise now flows across the peninsula.

Finding the center is sometimes visually difficult. Switching from one software vision to another then into dvorak usually spots the spout or center

I remember Celia
thanks for the link.( that some one did not read obviously before feeling the need to opine)

Irene left some damage here in the Whites that has not been fixed. Obviously not as impacting or severe as in Prattville.

Good community spirit there!

I suppose someone…
should have a truly worldwide view. Though I increasingly cannot figure out how Datakoll does things like drive a car to and from the store to get groceries. Unless the drive is regularly to a store three states away.

Routes 4 and 100 in Vermont still show tremendous scars if you know where to look, but it is increasingly disguised to tourists behind new growth.

Five years is not enough…

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In 10 years things will start looking better but not the same. Homestead was devastated by "Andrew" 24 years ago and many people left leaving it to speculators to slowly rebuild. The military retirees left because the AF hospital closed and many folks with insurance took their money and moved to a place they didn't have to rebuild.
The NASCAR track was a big help in attracting new business.
It will take time to come back, not the same but will be back.

What a nice day

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Beautiful day...maybe go fishing offshore, invade England...

Went off to the causeway yesterday as Zika 2 bombed the back 40 with floatable it's bacon fat in cow slough.

First wave came thru at 50-60mph compelling the fruitless gesture setting parking brake before we slid into Big Carlos

Early This morning NWS Key West forecast
sprinkles with breezes at 10K...they done changed their mind.

I wuz surprised P ville is NYS.

I chose Lewisburg for Agnes, water to first floor at the M St street RR crossing.

I went to Nell's Lib view topo's then led an expeditionary force into the upstream tacky nab there to view the now shallow depression across Chem lawns once the pasture creek.

I said to my men..."there it is"..pointing to a flow at 4" deep n 12"
across coming right thru 800' of development.


This was to much for the lawn owner standing next to the stream just off his mortgaged garage...he had an apoplectic seizure began screaming fell turned blue n was swept away toward Sunbury.

Roxbury’s opinion. …

no dairy cheese, no timber/bark here …, no GE, no steel, built on a floodplain…worser REBUILT ON A FLOODPLAIN !

no salmon

no drinking water

awful weather

black fly

hemlock and ash beetles from China.

tourists from Long Island.

one would pray for a Federal Dam flood your property n pay for it

I remember.
I live near Prattsville. I remember it well.

I remember the day that Prattsville was devastated very well. While I remained in our home town to help here we had several members of my fire departments swift water rescue team deployed to Prattsville. I remember hearing the stories they told when they finally made it back home of the pure devastation that they had witnessed in the town. It’s the type of thing that is hard to truly comprehend unless you see it first hand.

Irene Memory
she took out sections of the road fronting my camp that heads up the mountain notch to the AT trail head, Lake Umbagog and then Errol, NH. Took months before the road got repaired, requiring major detour for the logging trucks as well as local shortcut traffic for western ME into Northern NH.

Hermine looks to miss most of us in New England. Frankly, we could use the drought relief of a post tropical storm.