fix a loose hatch cover on a roto

Looking for solutions for a loose fitting hatch cover on a roto. I’ve got a feeling the hatch ring is undersize. So, how does on take up space and hope for a seal? Suggestions?

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Depends on the looseness…
and the type of hatch cover…


Glue a neoprene strip around the inside edge of a tupperware hatch cover like a gasket.

Order a NEW hatch cover to replace the old one.

Question: Do not take offense, I simply do not know you or your experience with a kayak…perhaps the yak originally came with a neoprene hatch cover that is now missing?

Thin coat(s) of AquaSeal
I have not tried this but I think it’d work.

Paint on a THIN coat of AquaSeal around the undersized hatch rims OR inside the hatch cover rims. Let cure, then test for fit. Repeat if necessary.

what boat? Got pics?
What make and model boat is it? Can you post pictures so we can see the scope of the issue?

Hmm, I like the neoprene gasket idea,
also thinking about taking a roll of electrical or gorilla tape to “build up” the diameter of the rim for a quick fix before tomorrow.

It’s a newish dagger alchemy 14.0 s, bought it as a demo at a good price. Day hatch & front hatch seem OK, the rear cover does not seem stretched or damaged in any way. I’m guessing maybe the ring is a tad undersize from “shrinkage”, it can be shifted without any stress or pressure. It pops over the bulge of the ring as it should it’s just not a tight fit and allows alot of water in when doing rolls or surfing.

I don’t see how aquaseal could make a smooth surface that would seal, but then I haven’t messed with the stuff much either.

Thanks for the thoughts & open to other suggestions,

a strip of Gorilla tape might work
or maybe better, Xpel door edge guard tape.

contact Dagger
Leaky back hatch seems to be an issue with a few of these (mine included). I called them and they sent me a new hatch cover, which actually only helped a bit. Others have gotten some sort of gasket from them, which at some point I may go for (if I can talk them into sending me one).

They are very popular out here in NorCal. For rock play and surfing, we have also started making sure we use a float bag of some sort in the back hatch. Have seen a few hatches imploded in surf before. Haven’t had any do that with float bag yet, but if it does, the float bag will keep the boat paddle-able.

Does the cover have a groove where you can wrap a bungie cord ? I wrapped one around the cover on my CD Storm, and it tightened the hatch nicely. I used 3 feet of 1/4 inch bungie (bulk) from Ace Hardware, and sealed the ends of the nylon cover on the cord with a match. Tied the cord with a reef knot leaving about 1 1/2 inches on the ends past the knot. It was a tight stretch the first time, but goes on easily now.

Cotol thins it
If your tube of AquaSeal has been previously opened and not sealed well, the stuff thickens. You can thin it with Cotol to make for easier application of a thin layer. I assume the mismatch between cover and rim is only a tiny amount, not big enough to require a thick chunk of sealing material.