Fix for uncomfortable Old Town molded seat

We rented an Old Town canoe for a few hours on the Au Sable with molded seats similar to these:
I found the seat to be painful; the back edge hit the base of my spine and there was no way to shift around and adjust for it. Kneeling was OK for a while but the raised front edge of the seat made that pretty uncomfortable.

We are planning a 3-day trip on the Pine. I asked the livery about the seats and they said they were molded. Has anyone got a quick fix for this? Thinking of taping a slab of foam into the butt divot. Alternative would be to use our light weight Alumacraft but it has a keel and the Pine is windy as all get out.

Stadium/hunting butt pad. They are cheap but add a little cush. You might even get a folding stadium seat in there so the back will keep you off the molded seat. I own an old town discovery and tripped in it. I replaced the tan molded seat with the ones with the less molded black ones with a backrest. Some like those some dont, but we did 20mi+ a day so I liked them

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