Fix peeling seam tape on dry bags?

I use nested Granite Gear Event dry bags for waterproofing my gear inside a traditional canvas canoe portage pack. I noticed that after less than a year, the seam sealing tape has come off lots of places on all 7 bags (2 different styles).

Can I patch this with new seam tape that doesn’t require special machinery? I tried Seam Grip, but that’s been coming off as well. Any other ideas?


Contact Granite Gear
My understanding is that they stand behind the quality of their products. I’ll bet that they’ll repair or replace them.

If Seam Grip isn’t sticking and you cleaned the surface before applying it, it’s likely that the DWR coating on the fabric is preventing a good bond. That’s really a manufacturing issue that should be covered under warranty.

Barring that, you can try ironing the seam tape back in place. Use the Nylon/synthetic setting on your iron and put a thin cloth like a handkerchief between the iron and the dry bag.

Tape ?

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10 dry bags here. None are taped.

3 goretex suit$ n jacket taped but no problem$ with loo$e tape

There is an early taped polycoat jacket, a $45 Red Ledge windbreaker. This tape came loose on the shoulders. Jacket is 10 years old.