Fix scratches on hull of canoe

My son and I have recently purchased (he did) a canoe ($500)

The canoe is made of some sort of plastic composite and has now started to acquire some digs or scrathes from dragging it in and out of the water.

Is there a paint or epoxy that will repair it yet still stay somewhat pliable??



BTW this has been a great experience and has started a whole new bonding with my son. For a few years we lost contact with each other but now it’s let go canoeing… it’s been great!!

Scratches equal memories
Scratches are part of paddling. If there are some deep gouges you can repair those but sounds like you are simply getting the scratches we all get on our boats that show we actually use them.

You did not mention boat type so we cannot identify material for you. Do any of the scratches show thru to a whitish inner material or other color than your exterior hull color? Boat type?

old town
makes a spray paint for royalex and their “plastic” compound canoes. I’ve used several cans on my dagger canoe with success, color not quite right but I don’t care about that. They also make a putty for patching the bigger gouges in royalex. Find a dealer or check their website.

Scratches are fine…
leave them alone. Gouges require a little cleaning with a knife and alcohol and repair with good old JB Weld. Enjoy paddling and be warned, it can be an addictive and expensive habit!

It is a lot cheaper than golf or women.