Fixed foot supports

Am considering purchasing a new borealdesign epsilon p200. Only drawback I see is that the rudder has a sliding system with no fixed foot support. If I find that I don’t like this system, can it be modified to a smart track system easily?

I can’t help you on that, but if you…
paddle in salt water either get something else besides the Smart Track system or coat the back of the tracks with epoxy before installing them.

I’ll gladly send you a picture of how badly the new Smart track rudders rot out after one season of use in salt water.

Jack L

I don’t have the SM rudder, but I have
the early version of the SM tracks and pedals, the one that broke underfoot for so many.

It could be modified to use Smart track
But I wouldn’t recommend it. There are a lot of better systems out there. I’d make my own before I would use a smart track. Especially as my own system for my own boat would not have to be that adjustable.