Fixed Mounted compasses.

I’m looking for a compass for my Impex Mystic. I’m considering the Ritchie Eplorer and the Brunton 85R. I have concerns about each of them and was hoping to hear from someone who uses them.

My concern about the Ritchie is that it has a “Twist On/Off for Easy Removal” feature. I will NEVER remove it. So my question is how secure is it? I don’t want to have to worry about it flying off my boat as I fly down the freeway.

My concern about the Brunton is it’s height. It’s 2.8" from the deck. The Richie is 2" from the deck. Do you find how high it sits off the deck makes assisted recoveries more difficult, either when I’m the swimmer or when I’m the rescuer?

I appreciate any info. Thanks.

Ritchie on Mystic
My wife has the Ritchie S-59 Kayaker on her Mystic. We never remove it & never thought about it flying off while cartopping - until now - so thanks a lot !

How long has it been there? If it’s been
a while, I wouldn’t start worrying now!

not worried
its been on there for three years - seems secure & never thought about taking it off.