fixing a hole in rotomoled kayak

i am trying to repair about 5 holes from moving foot pegs up.I put screws,bolts to fill but it looks bad.any ideas on how to do a plastic patch

What brand of kayak?
For some maunfacturers, a very compatible epoxy can be found. But doing s job that ends up looking as though it is original isn’t easy. Plastic boats will get scratched up anyway - whatever aesthetic issues you have with the screws and washers now may end up being minor compared to the effects of regular use.

Wilderness Systems Tempest 170
It is a Tempest 170 by Wilderness Systems.Where would I find this epoxy to fix hole.

West G-Flex epoxy
Here’s the link

They just came out with this and it hardens like a stiff rubber. It’s probably the best you’ll do. You have to roughen up the surface because very few adhesives stick well to plastic kayaks. You might be able to tint it with coloring agent the help match it.

Look up plastic welding in your area. If you’re lucky maybe there’s a place near you that can do it. If it was my boat, I would use one of the many boatng calks available and put a racing stripe tape over the patch.

Why not …
… simply reinstall the original bolts that once held your pegs/tracks?

Maybe back them up with common rubber washers or some silicone caulking and be done with it. Compared to epoxies, the bolts will look original, are easier to execute, and have no potential for later cracking or chipping loose.

If you’re concerned about possible injuries from the raw bolt ends protruding into the hull, you might want to cut them shorter using a Dremel or other cutoff motor tool, and/or securing them with cap nuts or acorn nuts.