Fixing a loose paddle joint

Got a 2-piece carbon paddle that has the push-button fixed ferulle connection b/w the two halves of the paddle. It is loose. How do I fix this more premanently?

I remember reading a thread here about this but can’t find it. Help anyone?

What I am currently doing is use a couple of layers of pregular plumbing teflon tape wrapped around the inner piece. Works very well, but the tape is not sturdy, and requires replacement maybe very 5th time I put the paddle together to maintain a tight fit.

May be I should try weathersealing tape next time…

Could I build-up the shaft with epoxy though? Then sand-down as needed?


Loose paddle ferrule

Don’t know if it would work with carbon joints, but I have solved this problem with two old paddles that have a brass ferrule. I varnish the inside (male) portion of the joint. This works for quite a while, is easy to renew and nothing had been done that can’t be reversed. With the varnish on brass ferrule method I wiggle the outer (female) portion on and off to get the correct fit.

Epoxy should work but will take careful sanding after application to get the fit just right.


You may be thinking …
… of this post:

“My problem is not the actual slip-joint itself, but rather the small hole for the old-style silver push button, which predates Werner’s newer micro-adjustable ferrule. The joint still seems snug, but the silver locking button fails to keep the left half of the shaft from sort of ‘klunking’ around the right half.”

If, instead, your actual joint is loose, probably caused by sand or normal wear and tear, the old trick, as ret603 points out, was to paint a light coat or two of varnish or epoxy on the male end, then sand to fit. Easy to do, and easy to renew later if needed.

It’s always a good idea to swish the joint ends of your paddle in the water just prior to snapping them together, to wash away any sand or grit.


Thanks - the joint itself
is what’s loose.

Got it this way used. I’m still disappointed that the guy was advertising the paddle as “excellent” - it came with a 4" structural crack on one blade, chipped ends on both blades and the joint was loose…

Anyway, I’ve repaired the crack and the chipped ends and am taking off chips on my own now while hitting some rocks.

With your help I think I will attempt to tighten-up the joint now with a coat of epoxy painted with a brush and then sand it down a bit if needed…