Fixing a Soft Spot - Kayak

I purchase my first kayak (Guster Emotion) and am so excited to use it. I purchased it used and didn’t realize that it has a soft spot in the back. Perhaps it’s from pulling it with the front toggle? I’d like to know if there is a good way to repair this and suggestions. I’ve heard that it can be plastic welded but to contact the manufacturer. Since it is just a soft spot and not all the way through, perhaps there are other options to make it stronger. I only plan to use this in rivers, lakes and ponds in the Central Ohio area.

Thank you in advance.

better description/photos
Can you provide a better description of the “soft spot”. And/or photos (have to place on a photo sharing site and post link here). Not exactly clear what you are dealing with, so can’t really answer. Soft spots are not normal/common.

in the back
of the 10’ long kayak ?

‘like’ pressing on the area with the hand/fingers pushes the wall inward ?

if you place a strong light inside the yak onto this area, do you see white lines or white areas whiter than the yaks color elsewhere ?

what do you see ? just more yak or what ?

how large is this soft spot ?

Grab bow handle
drag it till it’s dead