Fixing Drysuit leaks from seams

Hi all,

I bought a used drysuit recently, which I thought was in excellent condition since the fabric and gaskets are looking brand new. Unfortunately I tried it in the water the other day and after a 2 minutes swim I had several damp spots that were coming from the seams.

I looked at the seam tape and it looks fine and does not bubble. I was wondering if anybody had already tried to cover with aquaseal the edges of the seam tape on a drysuit to stop leaks.

I was wondering if this can be a good long term solution or aquaseal will start to crack in a few years and I won’t be able to fix the tape anymore. Also, do you know how much aquaseal it would take to cover the seam tape of a whole drysuit?


goretex seam tape best. Though if it is the entire suit…
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If it’s already leaking in several places, I would be tempted to send it in to the manufacturer to have it evaluated and possibly repaired. Who knows where it might fail next and how badly. Your life could depend on it.

If it were just a minor tear or puncture in the body of the suit, a bit of Aquaseal would work fine, even long term. Multiple seam failures are a different thing.


Thanks for your responses! It is not under warranty anymore but I will pass by Level Six in Ottawa and see if they can retape the seams with their machine.