Fixing Kevlar Skid Plates on a Guide 119

Hi All,

I bought a used Old Town Guide 119 a few years ago but just recently put kevlar skid plates on it. After putting them on I noticed they aren’t exactly even and symmetrical from side to side. It’s off by maybe an 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch or so and not noticeable unless you’re really looking. Anal retentive I know lol.

I was thinking of taking them off and redoing but my question is, since the Guide 119 is three layer polyethylene how much of a pain would it be to do if it’s even possible (or worth doing)? Or would it be possible to add a thin strip around the perimeter of the current skid plate to even them out?

I sow another post on how to fix this on Rolex canoes but wasn’t sure if the process was any different for three layer polyethylene. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Enjoy it as is and go paddle!

I think my OCD’s need to have everything exactly right is getting the best of me lol.

Getting them centered by adding a small strip on the shorter side may just end up being a winter project when I can’t paddle. But that’s if it still annoys me by then.

I’m not sure that factory installations are any better than 1/8-1/4 inch accuracy. Probably best to just paddle the heck out of the boat and see if you can wear them out. :grin:

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I like your thinking TomL!

And when you wear them out, replace with Keel Easy strips. Easy on, tough, and easy off when the time comes.

I had put the Keel Easy strips on when I got the canoe but they had finally started wearing out/peeling so I switched to the kevlar felt skid plates.

I’ll probably need to replace the new ones after a few years (like I did the Keel Easy strips) so I should just let them run their course and replace them whenever they wear out. Sounds better than obsessing over the slight difference in them now.

Life’s too short to be obsessing over most things, let alone something designed to wear out.

Same here. The last of the wounds from my visit to the dermatologist are almost healed.