fixing Tempest skeg leaks?

I think I have tracked down the source of water in the rear and day hatches on my Tempest 165. Now what do do about it?

The rear compartment has a leak through a black fitting on the end of the skeg cable by the housing. The two parts of the fitting seem to just be pressed together but are very loose and water comes through. I don’t have a clue how this is supposed to keep water out or why mine is messed up. Ideas?

The day hatch, I believe takes on water where the skeg cable goes through the bulkhead from the cockpit. There are gobs of sealant on there but apparently not in the right places. I sprayed water on the spot with a garden hose and the day hatch got wet. Do I try to take the old sealant off or just gob on more aquaseal & hope? Seems to me a through-hull fitting would be better.

Thanks for any advice. The sloshing after rolling and rescue practice is annoying and I sure would like to be able to keep gear drier.

so you can see water coming through the skeg box fitting? There should be a metal clip holding it on. Is the hose loose or the fitting the hose is attached to?

Glass T-165. Yellow;-)

There seems to be a 2 part black plastic fitting that connects the plastic tube to the skeg box. The leak appears to be between the 2 halves of this fitting. No clamp. Does this make sense? Thanks.

there is a connection fitting attached to the skeg box that accepts the vinyl hose. when the hose is forced out of the fitting, either from forcing the skeg cable which pushes it out or from possibly pushing something against it you must open the fitting up and push the hosae back inside. If you pull the hose free of the fitting, tho the inner cable will stay put, you can then pull up on the valve, push the hose back in and then push down on the valve. I know it sounds complicated but it ain’t so bad once you figure it out.

What I do is coat the whole ball of wax with marine sealant. push some down around the fitting and around the valve. this seems to work. we have been searching for a more simple system.

same salant should work on the bulkhead

good luck