Fixing up an old fiberglass canoe

Hey guys,

New to the sport and just got an old fiberglass canoe. It floats but is looking pretty rough. I was planning on placing a fiberglass patch on the keel at the bow and stern as the 2 layers of paint have scrapped off to show the fiberglass.

I live in the Richmond va area and was wondering if anyone had any tips on where to get supplies locally at a decent price.

Also the alluminum gunwales are kind of tortured from what looks like years of inproper storage on one of the gunwales. I was wondering what is the best method of getting them back in shape. I was starting to use a wooden block and a small sledge to beat them back in shape but thought I would post here to see if there are any better methods. Also was considering removing the Gunwales and replacing them with some wooden ones. But not sure I want to put that kind of money into this heap.

One last question. Any recomendations on paint and clear coat for fiberglass boats?

Any help is really appreciated.

Gunwale beating
Beating on them may cause them to break. Our recent restoration include repairing two broken gunwales that we simply did with fiberglass and wood. We went for functionality over looks, because it is easier to do and makes the boat less of a theft target.

Clear coat is not often used in marine paints, but there are planty of really good two part paints that can be sprayed. Around here you can get a canoe repainted for as little as $100. If you don’t plan on a spray booth them you can find many decent paints at West Marine that work with the roll and tip method. The all time easiest method is cheap spray cans and a camo job.

If the fiberglass isn’t damaged, you
should only need to paint it. Cheap way to go, buy a good latex outdoor paint in your favorite color and go to town. I did that 13 years ago and the paint still looks good.

Thanks for the info tips guys.
The Fiberglass is pretty warn. And the flotation chambers are coming apart so I am going to have to get some epoxy anyway,

I think I will fill in some of the deeper gouges put another of glass on the warn parts and probably use the roll and tip method to paint and save a little money.

serial number
I was toyin with the idea of replacing the gunwales and decks. But I don’t even know who made the canoe. The serial number is: mmn100470375.

Would anyone happen to know what manufacture and model this is or anyplace I could look it up?