Fixing Valley Rope Skeg???


I have an older Avocet with rope skeg that needs some new parts.

It has always worked poorly but now I see why. The little pulley that the rope passes through is actually broken and needs to be replaced.

The bungee is a bit worn out and the rope is super stiff from age and saltwater. Probably should replace everything.

Do you know if Valley offers a “rebuild kit”? Or if so, where would I be able to get one?



Rope skeg parts
You should be able to find the pulley at West Marine or where ever they sell sailing tackle. The rope and bungie can also be found at West Marine. There are a few postings online on how to repair the rope skeg. It is very simple system and easily fixed. If you need assistance let me know. Just a note I was at the Sweetwater Symposium last month and ran into someone who could not fully retract their rope operated skeg. Inspected it and found it was put in upside down. Turned it arround and adjusted it and worked perfectly. The person said it had been like that since new.

You were right. I went to West Marine and they had an assortment of pullies. They did not have the exact one I needed, but nothing that my drill could not fix for me.

I ended up getting a new pulley. some line, and some bungee. Took a few minutes to figure out and threading the line through the hull was a bit of a trick, but now it works great. Much better than before (bungee was worn out before, the pulley was broken and the line was not only stiff, but really too large in diameter to work smoothly).