FJ Cruiser and Kayak Rack?

Thinking about getting a Toyota FJ Cruiser…

The problem is that both Yakima and Thule have nothing on their “Configurator” sites for this SUV.

Anyone know if there’s a way to use standard kayak rack stuf (Mako saddles, Hulley Rollers, etc) on these SUVs?

I know I saw one with 2 boats on it last summer, but didn’t check out the installation…

You’ll look good going down the road …
but worthless as an off road vehicle.

Look at an Xterra.

Unless changes have been made,
the Xterra air conditioner is pretty poor in hot weather climates.

I don’t know what a “FJ Cruiser” is
but when I wanted to put a Yakama rack on the cab of my 2003 Ford F-150 pickup, Yakama didn’t have one for it. (it is the only year they don’t have a fit for).

I did some further checking and found they had what is called “Landing Pad No 6” which is similar to a toggle bolt but much stronger.

You drill right into the roof, but not through the headliner and then the above fitting is installed and the tower gets installed to that.

It is a real neat installation and looks as if it came from the factory that way.

The first hole you drill hurts the worst, and then the rest are easy!

You might want to check into them.



Yakima Low Riders and also
Low Riders w/ Claw fit the FJ Cruiser. Add accessories as you wish.

hope you’re strong and tall
That factory rack is way up there.

Clarion is correct.

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We have an FJ. It is a great vehicle. Certainly a Head-Turner. We have about 25,000 miles on it and it is really fun to drive and beyond what those who don't own one have to say, it really is built very solid and does a very respectable job off-road.

This is not our boat hauler, but on Clarion's note, the top of the factory is 80". Definitely step ladder material.

Contrary to most factory racks, the FJ factory rack is bombproof. I wouldn't be afraid to put a refrigerator up there. We did add a Thule bike rack that attaches to the spare tire rack and it works great.

The only hesitation that I would have is in regards to the back seat entry. I hate suicide doors, and these are very hard to negotiate. If your backseat passenger traffic is low, it is not a problem. Also, this vehicle has several blind spots. Not because it is a bad design, but because we are using a vehicle that is really not designed for what we are doing with it, i.e. Urban/Suburban travel. The window design is based on off road/back road/bush travel.

Good Luck with your decision.

looked at it…
the reviews were far from positive… no comparison to the FJ.

All reviews and forums were unanimous.

That’s what I was hoping for…

LowRiders rock, but Yakima’s site doesn’t show them as available for the FJ…

Thanks all!!

YOu have the Silver one… I like it! :slight_smile:

Torn between Black and Silver… Can the Yakima systems be used WITH the factory rack? (Do you know?)

I like the factory rack, but ned to attach my Yakima stuff to it…

Nice looking FJ… :slight_smile:

Don’t know, but…
I have no idea about a Yakima registered fit, but I would think that the type of tower that is made to attach universally to factory racks (Lowrider Max)would work fine. If that will fit around the bar (and I am almost certain it will) strength will never be your problem.

With the silver, you only have to wash it about twice a year :slight_smile: The models with white tops are crazy cool in the summer. I saw some with matching color roof recently. If I was going with black i would try to get the matched top. I think the white top on the black looks funny (just me:-)

Good luck


FYI, Yakima’s site DOES list it

Thanks Canoeist!!
I’ll check again… Much appreciated!

Curious… Xterra? Good?
I spoke to a few guys I work with about the Xterra… they have them, and hate them…

Why do you think it’s a better off-road vehicle?

Also, all the reviews on the FJ were very positive.

I read several negative reviews on the Xterra…

You can get Xterra’s real cheap now, so I’d like to hear your reasoning.

Yeah they are crap don’t bother.

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I'm sure the people here would agree with you.

Me 95,000 miles no repairs, routine maint.

Drive it in Utah and Baja.

Also check the fine print in the warranty, if you drive the FJ offroad or do any mods the warranty is voided. My toyota dealer confirmed this is true when we bought my wife's Prius.

Accessories on factory rack
Unfortunately factory racks that are huge, like the round bars on the FJ Cruiser, the Xterra, Hummer, and Jeep Commander are just too big for Yakima’s accessories to fit. They have some components that make them adaptable to most racks but the racks on these four vehicles are outside the tolerances. Most of Thule’s watersport accessories will fit with their extra-long bolt package (sold seperately, but costs peanuts when compared to buying a base rack).

Again, this is accessories directly on the fctory rack. Most vehicles do have a fit from Yakima for their base rack. Except the Commander. It’s roofrack is worthless. What would it take to get car manufacturers to standardize the roof? I’m not talking returning to rain gutters, but how about hidden threaded nuts where a rack can be bolted on?

I looked at the FJ, and while the rack looks bomber, I didn’t care for how tall it was. I decided the vehicle wasn’t what I was looking for but my plan was to order one without the factory rack and to install Yakima’s bolt on tracks to the roof. I could easily lower the rack’s total height 8" that way and it would still look like a factory option.

I agree with Nermal
If I was buying an FJ, or most any other vehicle for that matter that I had the option to not have the factory rack, I would opt out.

I bought a Nissan Frontier a couple years ago that did not have a rack. I used the set-up you describe. The tracks bolted through the roof, and if I remove the towers and bars (which takes about 1 minute), you can’t even tell that they are up there. They look just like the roof of the truck (because they are black and it is black).

Here is my set-up:

Strength is not an issue. If you scroll through the pics you will see that carrying 3 boats was not an issue.

Good Luck


FJ sans factory rack is the only way I’d
… go.

That big tall rack is impractical, and IMO pretty stupid. What are you going to put up there? A couple of dead elk?

Why would Toyota, in Canada at least, have this description…

“Meet the King of the hill, valley, rock, stream, mud, sand, snow and ice - the 2008 FJ Cruiser from Toyota Canada. The culmination of a half-century of truck know-how and steady advances in technology, Toyota FJ Cruiser is as rough and ready as its legendary namesake, the FJ40 Landcruiser, but with some tricks all its own. Available in two bruising models: a 5-speed Automatic with shift-on-the-fly 4-Wheel Drive and a 6-speed Manual featuring true Full-Time 4-Wheel Drive. Both pack a powerful V6 and are available in three extremely well-equipped Grades, including a brand-new Offroad Package.”

When they would void your warranty?? Sounds odd to me.


Seadart’s stuck with making payments on an X-Terra, when he could have a far superior FJ Cruiser for the same payment or less… :slight_smile:

Just kidding SD… I like the XTerra also, but it’s no better than the FJ off rad… and I think you know that!