FL panhandlers and gulf coast paddlers-

I’m soon going to be staying with family just west of Mobile Bay. Checked water levels, and rivers are unusually low, so some smaller creeks/rivers have to be crossed off my list.

When you are having low water levels down there, what might you nominate as the best remaining canoeing options?

Tell me what you have on your list and I will tell you if I would paddle it now. I paddled Big Escambia last Monday near Atmore, AL. Some paddled Juniper Creek and Boiling Creek today near Milton, FL

It’s not likely that my wife can come
to run shuttle, so I’m tending to focus either on streams where an outfitter provides shuttle, or on out-and-back trips on the Escambia or around the Styx/Perdido junction. Creeks I know about with shuttle:


Blackwater River

I could go farther east to more spring-fed creeks. Boiling would be ok if I can get a base permit and shuttle; or Turkey or Shoal.

I’ve seen your notes when googling around on area streams.

Would love to paddle with you
if I can. I’m sure there are people in one of the two clubs I am in that could. The West Florida Canoe and Kayak Club and the Florida Panhandle Canoe and Kayak Connection @ www.fpckc.com or FPCKCpaddle@gmail.com. What are the dates you will be here?

We get down to Dauphin Island this

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Thursday. We'll be there four or five nights.

I'm bringing my 15' whitewater solo/tandem because it is the only boat I have that I can paddle effectively as a solo and also paddle tanem if my wife or sister is along. The ww boat draws a little more water than flatwater boats, but is narrow (28") and can be placed very accurately in channels.

Possibly I can get in on whatever your folks are doing already, as long as they're not circling Parker Island or similar ambitions.

Less than an hour from Mobile
Grand Bay NERR on hwy 90 just across the MS state line. It’s tidal so rain doesn’t affect the level. Nice out and back.

If you need a shuttle service google South Coast Paddle Company in Ocean Springs, thee are some good paddles on the Pascagoula river they can tell you about.

There is also Sunshine Canoe rental on the Escatawpa but probably not much fun if the river’s low.

I sent you a couple of emails
about trips going on Saturday. Unfortunately, I can’t go. Neither rain, hail, sleet, snow, or canoe trips keeps the mail from being delivered.

Suwannee or Blackwater
Headed to Suwannee River for my second visit on Monday. I’ve already been to Blackwater(most recent) and Suwannee before. Definitely recommend them for a good canoeing adventure in FL. The Suwannee also has river camps set up all along the river.

I don’t have to work after all
I’ll be on the Juniper trip that I sent you an email about.