flagstaff lake , maine

anyone paddle it ?,any input would be appreciated,i’ll be there at the end of july for 4 days

Sure it is a pretty nice lake
http://community.webshots.com/photo/180623385/180625019BnrtJt the photo is from the north shore of flagstaff looking towards bigelow mountain.

Flagstaff is one of my favorite places to paddle because it is a nasty lake for motorboats. When they built the dam they didn’t remove all of the tree stumps. Root balls are everywhere and when you combine that with the fact that much of the lake is rocky and very shallow, it makes guys with outboard motors think twice.

It is a great place to go to escape from people.

well ill be there in july too,hawg.hope to see ya there!we can compare the lake together.

see you there
what spot are you going to be camping ?

not quite sure yet,but ill be the one wearin the least amount of clothing.

i guess i must have scared you off eh hawg?shame…

looking foward to meeting you

goes double

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im really lookin forward to meeting you too,im havin little wet'n'wild dreams about it.


nu uh
not a tease luv,i deliver what i say i will,not so sure about you.where you located anyways?i might just have to cum introduce my self b4 july…that is if you think you can handle it.

guess not
i guess you cant handle it…we see who the real tease is now,dont we hawg?

Not trying to get in the middle
But where is everyone camping and when in July? I’ve been wanting to visit my daughter who is going to school in Bangor but spending the summer in Bar Harbor. Great excuse to visit Maine!!!