Flashfire Kneeling Thwart

Anybody using a kneeling thwart in their Flashfire? If so, I sure would like to hear the details, like how wide you made it, how high, at what angle, and where you placed it fore-and-aft. Also how you like it versus the stock seat, and anything else that might be of interest.


Pete in Atlanta

Magic kneeling thwart
Would it help if I sent details on the kneeling thwart I made for my Bell Magic??? If so, just send me an email.


Thanks, David!
Yes, I would definitely appreciate any details you could provide. I see several kits on the web, but it seems like a shame to spend $50 on a slat and a couple of bolts.

I’m also very curious as to why you decided on a kneeling thwart in a Magic, which I think of as a seriously sit-down boat (mine includes a footbrace, and I am thinking about putting a Wenonah sliding seat assembly in it). The seat in mine is low enough to give my feet claustrophobia when I try to kneel, but it sure is stable then!

Thanks in advance,

Pete in Atlanta