Flat Bottomed Kayak?

After paddling a few really shallow streams I begin to wonder – does anyone make a kayak specifically designed for very shallow streams – designed to float in a minimum depth of water?

Well…yes…sort of…
…many WW kayaks have very flat bottoms. And my

Dagger Pegasus SOT is flatter than day old beer.

Flat isn’t enough…
I drag more in my ww boat than I do in my touring boat. Needs to be flat with a lot of sq inches…

Pamlico 140

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can go in really shallow water. Its very versitle. I've paddled it in shallow swamp conditions, and deep, choppy water with high winds too.

ditto Pamlico

like they said below most ww boats have flat bottoms–but I’m assuming you are talking about rec boats–palmico–old town loon otter etc Kiwis if they still make them(with the added benefit of being able to roll.)

Get a canoe
I used to have a Wenonah Vagabond. That boat would carry me over rocks and logs that were less than three inches below the surface, maybe only two inches (with a load of roughly 170 pounds). Get a canoe that’s fuller than a Vagabond (viewed from the top or bottom, the Vagabond is “all taper”, so the surface area isn’t as high as some boats) but with just as flat a bottom, and you’ll be able to negotiate shallows better than any kayak.

Consider a Pirogue. Light, flat bottom
and made for shallow waters of their homeland, the bayous and swamps of South Louisiana. You can build one for next to nothing. A friend built a 15 footer and decked it, still very light. Watch the secondary stability though.

Almost any of the nine foot recreation
kayaks have a big flat bottom.

Our Keowees AKA (Swifties, etal)are great for shallows.

On the other hand think of the weight of the paddler matched with the particular kayak.