Flat/calm water- Avalon/Stone Harbor, NJ

I seem to have done this a month or two ago- I’m again looking for somewhere to paddle near a beach vacation. This time, we’re headed to Avalon/Stone Harbor, NJ. A few years back, I did a guided tour on SOT kayaks in the back bays of Sea Isle City.

I found that there are public boat ramps in Avalon and Stone Harbor. These would lead me into the Great Sound and/or Stites Sound.

Does anyone have any opinions or thoughts on flat/calm water paddling (I’ve got a rec. boat- a Dirigo 140) in this area?

Several years ago I visited my uncle in Avalon with the idea that we would kayak across the bay to South Dennis. I had a Perception Swifty and the others in the group had OP sit on tops. We were about halfway there and in a no wake zone when suddenly several motor boats went by and created a set of waves that put all the sit on top people in the water. Fortunately I could turn my back into it and ride it out. All I can say is be careful and see if you can find some tidal creeks or something. The thing I remember most about the whole day is a child on one of the motorboats asking his father if people were “allowed” to kayak there. Good luck.

Nummy Island
We kayaked the channels in the Jenkins Sound area south of Stone Harbor - just watch the tides to know how the currents will be moving. From Stone Harbor, take 3rd Ave. south to Ocean Drive. Just over the first bridge, we launched on the right - there is good parking there. You can also launch by the nature center in Cape May, exploring the Harbor. Have fun.