Flat Water Board Recommend :: Titan 12'6

Recently bought a Titan 12’6 Paddleboard and wanted to give a review of my first impressions. I board primarily in flatter water (calm seas and inlets around Southwest Florida), own several boards, am 5’10 and 175lbs.

So here goes… Titan looks sexy, but how does it perform?

Super fast compared to other regular surf shape boards i have owned/used, with displacement hull design and single fin set up specifically for flat water paddling across lakes/inlets/calm waters etc. The board tracks straight and if there is wind - the board holds it’s line in the water well.

Interesting Point - on the Titan you can take up to 20 strokes on one side of the board and it will go straight easily with no pivot effect. (Normal surfboard shape requires changing sides, 2 strokes left - 2 strokes right to keep board going straight!)

The board has tons of tie downs at the nose and tail for cooler, wet bag - all kinds of gear. (You could get camping/fishing gear on here for longer excursions). Also has GoPro mount for Instagram moments and real wood inlay.

Paid $1050 for Titan board in March 2015 which included adjustable racing paddle. Great value for money. Found board via John at info@greatlakespaddleboards.com. (I never met the guy, but he was very helpful)