Flat water suggestions for ADK, NY

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Hi all, taking our first trip to Adirondacks in mid July. Looking for some suggestions on flat water day trips. We are staying for a week at cabin on Simon Pond which is off the top of Tupper lake. I have the Paddlers map and guide book but so much to paddle it's a little overwhelming. http://www.canoeoutfitters.com/store/maps-guidebooks

Our situation...
-Just my wife and I. Experience paddling NJ lakes/ponds, pine barren rivers.
-Heavy tandem kayak so portages should be short. Small wife with bad back so can't help much on carries. I do have small set of wheels to help out but portages must be wheel-able. I can carry the tandem on my shoulder for short distances.
-Half day to full day trip length
-Calm flat water quiet conditions, little/no winds preferred.
-In ADK area for 1 week total, mid-July

I figure we should do a trip or 2 into St. Regis canoe area...just trying to narrow down which loops are easiest for our situation.

We have easy access to Simon pond, Raquette pond, Piercefield flow and Raquette river from our location.

I was thinking of a trip down to the Whitney wilderness area? Any other places we should consider? Should we consider an outfitter for livery/transport on some trips or just do paddle back to launch type trips?


macs canoe?
www.macscanoe are excellent people. Your biggest enemy could be black flies. They are killers. Ihave 3 boats and always use the lightest. It is a mohican ski that weighs 26#. The 50# seda glider is no fun. If I had a tandem, I would use an outboard motor trailer so you can back in and out of the water. I have hurt my back trying to lift a boat full of water and could not lift a bag of groceries for a week. You should consider renting or borrowing a wide stable canoe that weighs 40#. Please show your wife you love her. I have 3 kayaks and really dislike canoe people hating my kayaks. It is about practical. A canoe is very practical for you. Please do not be mad. I love my 3 kayaks. I paid a total of 8 grand for the 3 of them. A kevalr glider and a kevlar eft. I do not own a canoe but did the 90 in a C3 and twice in kayak.

Bog River - Lows Lake

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Take a look at the Bog River and Lows Lake. Only one short portage at the upper dam if you want to go over to Lows Lake from the Bog River. The portage can be done with a cart and is fairly level. You can easily do the Bog River as a day trip. http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/38963.html

Another choice would be Axton Landing to Raquette falls. Nice day trip up and back to the falls. You can pull your car to within feet of a gently sloping dirt put-in. Short walk at the take out by the falls to view the lower falls.

An option at Axton Landing is to paddle Stony Creek into Stony Ponds - scenic with great views of the Sewards.

Third choice Round Lake, another place where you can unload your boat within feet of the putin.

How long
Is your tandem kayak? There are many great options available but a heavy long tandem may preclude paddling them.

so many choices

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I am heading up there again myself in August. From where you're staying, a trip up & back on the Raquette River seems like a must-do; starting at Axton Landing would make a day trip up to the falls achievable, with a side trip into Stony Creek ponds.

If you paddle the length of Tupper Lake, you can visit the Bog River falls on the south end, there's a nice picnic area there.

The Bog River (put in south of Horseshoe) is gorgeous paddling -- the portage at the upper dam may seem a little far with a heavy boat, but it's wheelable and worth it. You could take a break there and hike up Lows Ridge for a tremendous view. Upstream of there maybe a mile or so, there's a floating bog to contend with which you'll need to portage/drag over on the left bank (river right), then paddle from left to right to squeeze around the other piece of the bog. If you paddle as far as the open water of Lows Lake, try the more secluded southern route past the snake-like esker island (the northern route has a scout camp).

In the SRCA you could do the Floodwood/Fish Creek/Rollins loop if you can put up with a couple of short portages; or paddle further down into the Fish Creek Ponds and up into Follensby Clear, then back the same route. Further north at Paul Smiths you could explore the St. Regis and Spitfire Lakes; from Spring and North Bays on the west side, there are hiking routes up St. Regis Mt.

Speaking of hiking, I would very highly recommend Ampersand Mt., which is close to where you're staying. It's quite strenuous but the view from the top is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen.

(edit) I've gotten alot of great info from the Paddling and Trip Report sections on the Adirondack forum, http://adkforum.com


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Great info thanks. Will definitely take at look at the Bog river Lows lake area now. Axton landing Stoney creek ponds sounds nice too.

To answer Shiarz627's question our tandem is 13.5 feet. WS Pamlico 135T, bottom is flat so shallow water not a problem. Is a heavy yak at 70lbs but I can usually sling it on my shoulder and walk around launch sites ok.

Your Good
with your 13.5’ boat. I did Stoney Creek last year which was nice. Planning on paddling from Axton’s Landing to the Crusher this year myself. If your up for taking a little drive try Middle Saranac from South Creek also the Floodwood/ Polliwog Pond area is nice.


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Racquett River outfitters are right on the Hyway at the top of Tupper lake. They are a small Mom and Pop opperation and are great people.

They can provide information,any gear You may need. And can help with shuttle if You need one.

They are located very close to the State boat luanch at Moody. Enjoy the ADK'S.

Just go and start clicking off some miles. It's all good.

With 6 million acres of land in the Dak's You can spend a liftime exploreing it. Happy paddling!!!