Flat Water Tandem

Looking at a tandem to paddle/fish local lake and bayous. I am 6’2 & 240 lbs. Looking at Hobie Kona, Ocean Kayak Malibu II, Cobra tandem, Emotion co-motion. What would be the best choice?

Why not a canoe?
Drier, carry more stuff, stable if you pick the right one, and you can use a double blade if you insist. I have used my WW canoe in lakes, bayous, and rivers around New Orleans without problems.

Of course, if you mean to get out on the ocean or even Lake Ponchertrain, a SOT kayak would make sense.

Looking at SOT for the kids. Can’t swamp it, won’t have to horry about bailing, lighter. Will put it in my big boat and carry it to other spots.

Anything?, anybody?

WS makes a Tarpon SOTin a tandem.
Perception also has one. I like WS hull designs better than OK.

Second Vote for the Canoe
While my main paddling joy is a 16 foot sea kayak, a canoe is better: for the very reasons given above. I can “drive” the 17 foot canoe with a long (240cm) kayak paddle with ease.

Another issue is the “single-sit-on-my-fanny” position in the kayak. I last about 90 minutes before I need to stretch something: legs, back etc. The canoe offers a much wider range of positions!

Or you can look at wide beam, high
volume rec sit-in tandems that are stable and provide a good platform for fishing.

I think we are all probably confusing you but I think the Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T and 145T are great.

Good luck in your selection.