Steve- what length Tempest are you paddling?


actually lately I have spent more time in the Zephyr 160.


165- day tripper

170- day tripper (more comfort needed) and multi-day tripper

180- multi-day (morecomfort/ gear needed)

seriously. if I could only have ONE…170, if I could only have 2…I’d be undecided.


Thanks Steve
After spending 2 years in a poly Tempest 17,a 160i Tarpon, and a QCC700X, my search to replace the Tempest with a fiberglass rough water kayak has concluded with the Tempest 17 pro. There are many great kayaks and I was looking for a different make but the Tempest still tops my list for my paddling needs.

opinion of the QCC700 vs tempest
since you own both - what’s your opinion of each?


con mucho gusto

with much pleasure!

I find it the same. hard as I try to ‘like’ other boats more’n the T I just haven’t YET!

I’ll keep looking.


T vs QCC? have fun with that one.


WS Zephyr Deck Depth

I’m looking for a low-volume poly boat for rock gardening, surfing and Greenland rolling. The new WS Zephyr 155 seems to fit the bill except for one thing - the depth of the 155 is listed as a whopping 16"!!!


Is this a typo of something? I cannot imagine how layback roll or cowboy scramble is possible on a boat with 16" deck height.

If the Zephyr 155 is truly designed to be 16", I think I’ll start looking for a used Elaho DS instead of waiting till March for the Zephyr.

Are there any pics of the new Zephyr floating around anywhere? I’ve seen lots of references to it and some tech specs here and there but no pics. There was nothing new as of the last time I checked the WS website.

16.9" actually
N O T !!!


huge typo!

It’s short. I’ll get a measurement manyana. it’s quite smallish in the cockpit and altho not a super narrow boat should work well for what you’re thinkin.


I’ll try and throw up some prototype pis in the morning.