Flatwater can be nice too...

With all the recent rain there were lots of whitewater trips running yesterday, but I took a break to do a local flatwater trip that I had never done before. Its called Great Swamp because it flows though the Great Swamp Management Area in Rhode Island’s South County. The trip doesn’t have rapids, but it has everything else – beautiful scenery, lots of twists and turns to maneuver through (great place to practice those “functional freestyle” moves), and an open water crossing on a wind-blown lake.

If you are interested, you can read the trip report here:

Few pictures here:

Swamp paddles are interesting .

No rapids??? Uh-oh, better turn in your whitewater outlaws membership card!

Interesting, there are 'Great Swamp" paddle areas both in New York and New Jersey also (done the NY one, I’ll leave Joisey to Fat Elmo and company.) My wife and I had a flat water day also yesterday. Usually we take kayaks, but we took the canoe out instead with a tacit agreement to keep communication good and not turn the vessel into a divorce boat.!

Our favorite swamp is Sparkleberry, aka Rimini near Sumter, SC.
Another is off the Waccamaw River near Murrells Inlet, SC.