Flatwater canoe camping in Tennessee

I need to take a boat to Crossville, Tenn. for some repair and would like to do some flatwater canoe camping while I’m there. No portages (I’m just too old). Single night to several night trips. Hope someone can help with suggestions, thanks. D.B. (The Old Fart of Canoeing)

Land Between the Lakes
Some folks from my club had a nice time camping and paddling waters nearby The Land Between the Lakes. But that’s a half day drive from Crossville. Here’s a link to their TR: http://www.cpakayaker.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=6580&p=25145&hilit=between+the+lakes#p25145

Looks like there are big rivers/lakes closer at hand, but perhaps no camping spots. Good luck.


has cost me thousands of dollars. Went car camping there last year. Drove down gravel road to the waters edge. Pitched tent and me and the better half and three kids stayed 4 days and three nights. Said we need canoes to go over there. 4 canoes later plus down bags plus pads plus bag filter plus better paddles plus paddling videos plus lighter and more compact and I think we’re ready to go back this year. It’s too bad we didn’t see another soul in “our” cove the whole time. Otherwise we would have had fun.

Sequatchie River

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The Sequatchie is a lovely Class I river that flows south from its headwaters near Crossville.

I have only done day trips on the Sequatchie so I can't offer advice regarding camping opportunities but I suspect they exist.

Here are a few links with a bit of info:



How high up you can put on the Sequatchie will depend on water levels, of course. Check the Whitwell Gauge:


For many years, there was an outfitter in Dunlap, TN named Scott Pilkington who closed his place a few years ago:


Apparently, his grandson has now reopened the place:


If you are interested and can contact Scott or his grandson, I am sure they can provide you with much more info regarding camping opportunities and recommended water levels.