Flatwater Paddling Near Whistler, BC

My folks are traveling up to Whistler, BC around September and my wife and I are considering joining them up there. Curious what are the best flatwater paddling opportunities in the area. We are also planning on trying to get over to North Vancouver Island as well, so any thoughts on that would be helpful also.

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Might have some info - Scott has been trying to get launch info posted for as many places as possible, and he is BC based.

Lots of small lakes
There are a lot of quite small lakes around the Whistler area, but not sure if they’re worth the effort of putting in, as it would only take a few to 30 (at most) minutes to cross them. If you go a little further north, just beyond Pemberton is Lillooet Lake which is relatively large but I have no idea what the wind conditions are like.

In Squamish there is the estuary near The Spit. But keep in mind that there is a reason it is called “Squamish”, and why The Spit is a sailboarding, and kite-boarding mecca world known. Winds of about 70 km/hr are found there on a daily basis, if my memory serves correct. (But don’t ever trust my memory!)

I would go a little further south down Howe Sound from Squamish to Porteau Cove, and put in there. Anvil Island is only about 5km, and there is a couple rocks just south of Anvil Island (8km from Porteau Cove) where seals are almost always present. Or you could go around Anvil Island to Gambier Island (about 11km). Again, though, the inflow in the afternoon up Howe Sound can get quite strong. So be prepared.

Don’t know what you considered “close” to Whistler, but if you’re in the area, the ocean would be your most rewarding experience. And if you’re going to go ocean, then invite me along!