Flatwater racing kayak

I have a 17’ flatwater racing kayak, I believe a Javelin. Built by the West Side Boat Shop in 1994. I need to find another home for it by the end of May. Willing to take any reasonable offer to sell it. I’m located just north of Brattleboro, VT.

You’ll have better luck if you tell us all where you are.

Is it this one?

It doesn’t look exactly like that one, though similar. I believe it was handmade in that MA shop, West Side Boat Shop. I’m quite sure it would be tippy. It comes with a floater to help get in and started, but it would certainly be fast.

Thanks, got it.

There should be a label inside the boat’s cockpit, on the side just behind the seat that tells you what model it is.

By the way, I am the new owner of West Side Boat Side kayaks and if I was anywhere near striking range of VT I’d be very interested.

Thanks so much for writing. You’re all the way near Buffalo, eh? Too bad…