Flatwater trip map scale?

What scale map would you want on a few day trip on the Current River? Is 1:100K too small? Certainly, 1:24K seems to much.

I like 1:50,000
If you can get them custom made 1:50,000 is good a scale.

I did the Choctawhatchee River from Newton, Alabama to US 20 in Florida with 1:100,000. It can work in a pinch.

I have Natl Geographic software
The set covering PA and the mid-Atlantic states allows printing at unlimited scales, but my Back Roads Explorer (which covers all of US) only goes to 1:100,000. The 1:100K lacks detail, and I agree that 1:50K would most probably work OK. But darn, I just love maps and I love the detail provided by the 1"24K USGS quads!


I’ll let somebody else …

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I'll let somebody else help out with the maps, but if you need any information about the Current River in Missouri; I'd be happy to assist you in any way I can.

Have been running it for about 40 years.

Now is a great time to do a lengthy trip there.
Won't be long before the summer drunks, dopers, & fools (river dorks) start showing up there in herds.