Fleece Changing Sack

Sorry all - I know this went by several months ago but I am having no luck finding the thread. Just spent quite a while apparently not searching right.

Does anyone know of changing/sacs whatever that are out there in addition to the ones from Lynn’s River Stuff?

2 ways to go
Bodibag is a fleece sack meant to be a sleeping bag liner with a few details that make it seem like a great addition for cool/cold weather camping. A bit snug for changing under (at least at my girth).

Turner Wilson makes a fleece changing robe in a variety of materials.

Am I on the right track?


You can get a fleece sleeping bag at Walmart this time of year.

Philadelphia Canoe Club
There is a lady there who sews fleece changing robes that are highly prized by the whitewater paddlers in the club.

I believe her name is Jan Bean. You can post a message on their website message boards and someone will reply if she does not see your message.


It’s probably the world’s easiest sewing project. Get a piece of material twice your height, fold in half, sew up the sides leaving an arm hole on each side, and cut a slit for your head in the fold. If you want more volume it’s easy to add extra panels, and you can thread elastic through the neck hem.

Thanks all
For a few reasons, I need one that has a really wide girth. Things like pockets or arms - I am still deciding on that based on whether I am most thinking about having a layer for warmth as well as a changing ability. Thanks for the responses - a number of things in here will work.

One consideration
You’re a year round paddler so you may consider getting windblock fleece. I bought my first one at from the woman mentioned above after a ww day in March. Very smart of her to set up shop at the take out!! I love it totally and use it for all weekend camping trips (longer trips I use the Reed cag which does double duty) but if I had to do it over again I’d get windblock fleece.


not easy if
you don’t have a sewing machine or an apartment that allows you to spread out a piece of material more than twice your height.

You do-it-yourselfers are kind of mean sometimes.



Well, maybe if you want it to look nice…:wink:

Could hand sew that
There is the issue of time - also have to really practice with the throw bag and redo all the rigging on the Vela and do some Level type work and do something more serious about hip blocks in the Inazone between job etc in the next few weeks…

Changing gear…

This is what you’re looking for, albeit pricey. A friend has one, it’s nice, but I’m one of those who would make it myself. Good luck.

fleece changing robe is very bulky
I have one of the the fleece Boof Gear I bought on ebay for $10 but it is very bulky, not easy to pack . I’m looking for one made from cotton or something so I can stuff it in my backpack. It only takes a minute or two to change so no need for it to be thick and bulky and fuzzy, in fact, if you use it for privacy changing in the spring summer or fall it’s too dang hot to stay in there for more than a minute.

another DIYr
I picked up a brightly patterned (O.K. it’s Tweety Bird patterned) polyester blanket at a thrift shop. I folded it in half, trimmed off a little width, sewed up all but about 12 inches of the sides (for my arms), cut a slit in the top (for my head), used some spare material to make a simple 2-piece hood and an inside pocket… and presto…A changing poncho for less than 5 bucks and 1/2 hour of work.

I’ll pay good $ for gear I can’t make…but $50-$90 for a hunk of fleece with a couple straight seams…I just couldn’t do it…