Flint river georgia

I think I would like to paddle the Flint river. I would like to paddle from Albany to Bainbridge. I am having a hard time finding informattion on river conditions and places to put in and take out. I would like to do some camping as well. I really don’t want to paddle more than twenty miles daily but willing to do a bit more. Any information would be welcome.

“A Canoeing & Kayaking Guide to
Georgia” covers that section in useful detail. It is published by Menasha Ridge Press, and you’re looking for the 2003 edition by Welander, Sehlinger, and Otey. There is also a book about the Flint River, but I don’t recall much about it except that it is written in a kind of “flower child” whimsey. Still, you can google for it and see.

I recommend scouting your route using Google Earth satellite photos, and also using an internet topographical service such as terraserver.com. Sometimes you can see boat ramps on these.

The “Georgia Guide” mentions sandbars in places, which could allow camping.

flint river
think you would enjoy the upper flint more. clear water. beautiful scenery. class 1 and 2 rapids cause its above the fall line

flint river
you can get river conditions here.http://www.flintriveroutdoorcenter.com/

flint river
a canoeing & kayaking guide to Georgia is a must have. great book

check out

2008 Paddle Georgia was on the Flint.

I was there last weekend and it was quite nice. We just went from Sprewell Bluff to the Flint River Outdoor Center. I’ll say that the Flint River Outdoor Center people were super nice too.

Some of the people on the trip said that in 2008 things were much more scrapey than it was last weekend. I think all this rain has been a big help.

I agree about “Canoeing & Kayaking in Georgia” - GREAT book!

This guy is active on the upper Flint
and may have some Flint River" information…


Good for you!
Glad we are keeping Georgia Kayaker awareness up…Hey Richard!..How Ya Doin’ buddy?