Float bag info wanted

I’d like to add some float bags to some Perception Swifty 9.5’s and a Victory Blast kayak. Can any of you offer advice as to what kind I should look for that will fit the best? They came with some built-in flotation but from reading the articles on here it sounds like I should have some to put in them whenever possible, if I’m not carrying any other gear.

Go to the NRS site.
They have a selection of float bags that are good quality.

float bags
others to try are made by Wildwasser, Gaia & IIRC Perception too. Voyageur is out of businesss now but if you find their bags they are good too.

Wildwasser makes their “Overnighters” in a long & short size. They are a combination float bag and a drybag for lunch, gear etc. triangular so nicely fitted to the ends of most boats.

I have a pair of short ones, very cool item, durable. A little hard to find - try Aqua Adventures in San Diego, that’s where I found 'em.