float-bag lacing for tandem canoe

Hi all,

I have a 15’11" tandem canoe (Esquif Presage) that will see as much solo paddling as tandem. Me sitting in the bow seat facing backwards in other words. A recent capsize on a small local flooded river caused me to consider float bags, so I got a pair made for a tandem canoe, some glue-on D-rings, and a lacing kit. So I was wondering if anybody had a link to a good tutorial or pictorial on how to install the whole system. The lacing kit comes with what I have seen referred to as “inchworms”, which install to the gunwales with pop-rivets. I think the D-rings get glued on to the deck, and provide an attachment point for straps to augment the lacing, is that correct? Once I see a couple examples I should be OK.

I am hoping that I can leave the lacing (and even the bags) in when my wife uses the canoe with me. We will be doing some camping float trips and I am thinking that the bags would stay in, but we would store our dry bags under them. Is that what folks usually do?

Thanks in advance,

Eric Zwicky
Richmond VA

Well, I just RTFM that came with the lashing kit… it’s very explicit and I think I’ve got it.