float bag leak repair

I have a tiny leak in an NRS 3-D float bag, not on a seam; probably abrasion. I looked in the archives because I know this has come up before, but couldn’t get a hit. What should I use to repair it?



Tear Aid
Bought this stuff years ago at Piragis in Ely, MN and it’s been in my 1st Aid kit ever since.

Air bag busted about 2" along a seam 10 days ago. Cleaned it. put the Tear Aid on it, and 1 week later it’s still inflated. Seems to be working well even under that kind of stress. WW


HH-66 glue and a piece of vinyl. Better than new. Probably over kill for a small hole but it works.

Any of the GOOP products will work…
…as will Lexel and most other adhesive sealants. Just DON’T use silicone sealer.

maybe a lil overkill ,
aqua seal , but before I rough the area up with a lil sand paper an then put a circle o fabric w/aqua seal on it . ON the INSIDE and a drop on the outside.