Float bag size question-Dagger Axis 12.0

I’m thinking of adding a float bag or bags to the front of my Dagger Axis 12.0 but I can’t find anything specific on the Harmony site or any other site to size it. Do I just measure and take my best guess or is there someplace that specifies which float bags would work. I thought I saw someone mention a Dagger specific bag but it wasn’t on Harmony’s site.

Call a kayak shop
You might try a call to your local kayak shop and ask. They should be able to give good advice. If you are looking for cheap internet pricing call a shop like Austin Kayak and then buy from them.

Either way you are supporting a kayak specific business. This way they can remain in business to better serve us all.

Axis 12 Floats

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I have a Axis 12 and never saw a specific float bag.
I have a bunch of floats but I am not near them or my Axis right now.

A yard stick and/or a small child is helpful in measuring from the nose to the pillar then just measure the width. The reality is you want the bag overall dimensions slightly bigger as you want it to fill the area as much as possible. Better to go bigger than smaller if in doubt.

I am pretty sure I have used the NRS Standard Float Small in the bow of the Axis and remember it being a nice fit past the pillar.


I also have used the NRS Split Set Bow and Stern but I used the longer stern set in the bow. You can tie the two fronts together and one set of the rear rings, which will keep the bags in due to the pillar. They will extend a bit into the feet area depending how much you inflate but being on the shorter side 5'9" it doesn't bother me. The shorter bow set fits in the stern if you want additional support other than the bulk head. I bought the full set as I use the bow bags in another kayak.


If you don't want to go NRS the bag sizes they list should give you a guide what to buy.

Austin Kayak
I have bought a lot from Austin and always been helpful – more so than some of my local shops at times.

They have carried the Axis line for years as well as Harmony products to repair the Axis, so they would be a good source to ask if you need more help.

Thanks for the help
I will use your suggestions and I much appreciate it.