Float Bags, Air Down?

My kids are paddling solo this year. The boats (an Umiak and a Piccolo) both have float bags. I was told to let out some of the air when not being used. The reasoning being the sun/heat will cause the air to expand and may cause a seam to fail? Curious to hear if this is considered a standard operating procedure by most paddlers.

Also, the Umiak has split float bags (NRS), front and rear. I found that I had to use an extension hose over the end of the lines to inflate them. If you folks recommend that I air-down the bags when not in use, I’ll need to find an easier way to do this. Can I use a “Y” fitting and use a single extension line with a valve so that I can inflate/deflate a pair of bags with one line I can reach?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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One person told me that they got hot enough to

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I always open the inflate valve during breaks

and after taking out.

You don’t know any reliable sources.
If any of your sources claims to be reliable, you should open his air valve when he isn’t looking.