Float bags for RPM 9.0

Seeking advice re outfitting a Dagger RPM 9.0 (regular size, not Max), particularly float bag and sprayskirt size, brand. Appears it will only hold 2 small stern float bags, one on each side of the foam divider. Does anyone manufacture a combo dry bag/float bag this small? Has anyone put any floatation ahead of the foot pegs? Would also appreciate any advice re neoprene sprayskirt for this boat; will the Large deck size skirt from all manufacturers fit this cockpit? Thanks!

NRS has small float bags that will fit. Forget about trying to put them in the front. The cockpit of the RPM is a standard size. Any retail outlet (like NRS) can sell you one that fits the boat. Just be sure the tunnel is your size.

The Watershed Futu is a tapered
storage bag that MIGHT fit the tail of your RPM. I have one; I use it in a c-1. It has an inflation tube and the fabric and zip seal are bulletproof. I recommend spending time in that RPM until you are sure you are comfortable enough that storage is an issue. Often one can keep lesser amounts of essentials in a smaller, non-inflating Watershed, or in a good roll-top closure, slipping it underneath the float bags in the stern.