Float Bags for Yellowstone Solo?

It’s time to replace the ancient NRS flotation bags in my Yellowstone Solo. If you use bags in a similar sized boat, whatcha use’n? How are Mohawk’s bags?

They’re fine
Mohawk’s bags are of good quality. They are a vinyl-coated nylon like many bags, so they are not the lightest. The are comparable to bags of similar construction sold by Gaia, NRS, or Harmony.

If you are looking for light weight, consider the urethane nylon bags sold by Harmony, or the “Everlast” line sold by Gaia.

agree with pblanc

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I have a set of Mohawk bags in one boat that is about 6 years old now - they are still fine. And one in another boat to replace an old unknown bag that leaked - its also doing well.

I find them well behaved - when I put them in thier cages and give them the "stay" command, they stay. Fairly neat, they haven't peed or crapped in my boats yet, and they haven't tried to bite me either.

so far, so good!

Mohawk bags prove the addage ,
Find the most expensive, the least expensive then buy what’s in the middle.