Float bags

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I just got my first WW style boat,A LL REMIX XP9.Does this type of boat need float bags?

It will mostly be used on class 1 and ponds and lakes.

Me sometimes but mostly by my kids(14 & 10)

I just dont want to be diveing for it on the bottom of the lake when my boy flips it with the rear hatch open.I know minicell floats,but is the pillar and bulkhead foam enough to keep it afloat?

What kind of bags do you use with a pillar in the way?

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Have you ever tried towing or pushing a flooded boat?

Just about all ww boats need float bags. There are various size paired float bags for boats with pillars. Sometimes there are ‘fit’ lists like there is for sprayskirts.

There are many manufacturers. I have Gaia in my Diesel and have NRS in my I3. Seattle Sports also has float bags.

The bulkhead, hatch, and presumably
sealed rear compartment would seem to be a substitute for float bags. However, a lot of us with touring kayaks have sealed bulkheads, and we put flotation in those chambers when they aren’t full of sealed bags. It’s just a backup precaution.

You might consider putting small bow flotation bags in front of the footrest/bulkhead. That way, if the boat is swamped, it will float more evenly and be more manageable.

My apologies… wrong Remix

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I'm sorry I was not familiar with the Remix models with sealed rear compartments (XP9 &XP10), I had only seen the original Remixes.

The boat will float without adding float bags. It’ll be easier to rescue & empty if it floats higher.

A bow bag for that boat wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Were there some early XPs sold
without sealed stern compartments? I know the regular Remix kayaks need stern flotation and will benefit further from bow flotation.

Remix vs Remix XP
My opinion is that float bags are never a bad idea. The Remix XP has always had the sealed compartment/ hatch behind the seat. That would act the same as a float bag if capsized as long as the bulkhead is solid and the hatch isn’t open. If you’re not using it for dry storage and have the room, you could lash float bags in the hatch as an extra precaution. You may have room in the bow for more flotation depending on the fit.

The non-crossover Remix series definitely needs float bags in the stern if you’re running rapids. That area is completely open and would fill with water if capsized. There is less room in the bow but a small float may fit as an extra precaution.

Missed some of your question
There are float bags that are designed to fit around the foam pillars- “split” stern or bow. Different sizes for different boats and applications.

The Remix XP probably wouldn’t quite sink all the way in a lake if the hatch and cockpit were completely filled with water but it would be very close. Discourage opening the rear hatch while on the water. I’ve seen some ugly capsizes while trying to do this. Swimming next to a boat full of water while trying to grab your gear floating away is never fun.

Thanks you answered the questions quiet nicely.

I was really expecting some smart a… answers.

My biggest concern is if the kids dont have the hatch cover on correctly.

And only being a day paddler there will be lots of extra room to put bags.