Float Bags

I am looking at getting float bags for the bow of my Wilderness Aspire 105. I am trying to figure out what bags and the size to get. Also I am trying to determine how to secure them at the front without having to drill additional holes.

Any help that can be provided is appreciated.


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Harmony makes them for rec boats and the medium would likely be the best fit. There's somebody selling an un-used new medium one for $20 (half the list price) on Ebay. You can run nylon cord through the perforations on the corners and tether it to the kayak foot peg assembly. Buying one slightly larger than the compartment enables you to inflate it to fit snugly in as much of the volume as possible.


NRS Split Rodeo float bags
I have two new NRS Split Rodeo float bags, they are too small for my big Phoenix PokeBoat Vagabond… i’m putting them up on Ebay soon but ill Sell them both for $40 if you’re interested. these bags are measured when Inflated, they are 28" long and 13" wide, tapering to 3".

plus shipping
Shipping is $13.45 but that is still cheaper than new.

Float bags.
Those are the ones I was looking at. I am just not sure how they will fit. I have a split bow so there is the foam down the center near the front. It looks like 5in on either side of the foam.

Split Float Bags

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If the foam goes all the way down the bow, look at the split float bags. Harmony sells them as Long and Short Float Bags for both the bow and stern. You would need two. For a short rec kayak, you might have to use stern bags for the bow -- I have done this with my NRS bow splits in some short 10' and 12' rec kayaks with foam.

If you have a cavity past the foam, you probably could fit a small rec bag in there. The pillar will do a pretty good job holding it in.

You just need to measure yourself and compare that to the measurement for the bags. Just measure the length back from the nose to end of the foot pegs -- you don't want anything longer than that.

Like others said you want something a bit larger, so when it is inflated it fills the cavity.

I have had good luck emailing Harmony questions directly. There will probably be lots of sales for the holiday. Also try NRS and Austin Kayak -- always had good customer service contacting them.