Float plane to Allagash River, ME

Doing a trip to the Allagash in July, thinking of hiring a float plane to fly in and out from Millinocket. We have a PakCanoe and could bring it in the plane with us.Only reason would be to avoid wasting limited time doing the car shuffle routine. Has anyone done this, and would you recommend an air service?

No have not done that

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its possible to drive in and hire an outfitter to shuttle your vehicle to Allagash village.


Cannot see how much time would be saved by the time you assemble a canoe.

Driving in from Millinocket is about two hours to Chamberlain Bridge. The roads are decent. Pelletiers can pick up your car and shuttle to Allagash Village.

There is no fly in pick up point on the St John or the Allagash at the end of the river. You will still need someone to move your car from Millinocket.

Flying in sounds great…
but like Kayamedic said you still need a way to get out when your done

Pellitier’s will drive your car out from Churchill Dam for $150 (last year price) I’m sure that’s far less then a flight, and your car is ready for you.

Sounds like we may drive instead. By the way, assembling a Pakcanoe only takes about 15-20 minutes!

yah I know
I have one.

Be careful and do NOT run Long Falls Dam

There are hidden spikes in it from old logging days and it would be a shame to have to camp and repair the bottom.

If you want line left with care.