Floatable PLB?

I see that ACR sells two versions of their PLB, the ResQLink, which doesn’t float, and the ResQLink+, which does. They both have the identical water-proofosity, and the floatability does seem to add some undesirable bulk, according to some reviewer.

Is floatability desirable? I can’t see how. If you keep it securely on your person (PFD pocket) or boat, what’s the advantage? I want floatability for my paddle because I don’t want to attach it to me or the boat, but the PLB? What am I missing?

I’d go for floatability
just to avoid Murphy’s Law striking at a very inopportune moment: when I’m trying to activate it.

BTW, I’d never attach it to my boat, only my PFD. If you don’t have it on you, you don’t have it.

I never trust the waterproof claim so
always put electronics inside of a “bag” of some sort. The ambient nature of the bag usually serves as effective buoyancy plus keeps salt and dirt from accumulating. But that’s just me. You’ll need to decide for yourself how you want to carry a PLB device. As the other poster said, if its not “on” you, then its not with you when/if you capsize or if you need it on land.

yes, but…
do you find floatability desirable? If so, why?

Maybe on the ocean?
I paddle smaller rivers…my thinking is that I’d get on shore before using it. Is that naive?

I don’t find it desirable if I have to
pay more for it or if it creates additional bulk. I carry a VHF and a PLB, both are in “dry-pack” bags stowed inside of a dry bag which stays with me if I somehow get separated from my kayak. Wallet and keys are also in the dry bag.

Depends on the river, I guess.
And why you need emergency assistance. I think PLBs come with a good lanyard, so keeping it in a waterproof bag firmly attached to you should be sufficient.

I don’t own a PLB; decided to get a GPS enabled VHS/DSC radio instead. One that floats.

the PLB
is tied to the pdf…try 1/8th" shock cord.

flot ? where flot ? 9#$d00L*

Mine came with a …

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foam sleeve that allows it to float.
I don't use it because it added too much bulk and I couldn't fit it in my PFD pocket.
Mine stays in my PFD pocket attached to the inside of it with a lanyard.
My PFD normally stays on the back of my kayak under two of the cross bungees.
It gets worn when I deem it necessary

Jack L

Have the +

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I have the ResQLink+. Truthfully, didn't register with me that it floats when I bought it. Wasn't a requirement then. Just stuck it in my sink and tested, and it does float.

That said, now that I have it, I do think floating was the right choice. As said above, don't want Murphy's Law to have it slip out of your hands and in the drink just as you need it.

Note, the floating version of the unit is small. Much smaller than a VHF.

Location device ?
Search for: location device

Yawl have experience using these gizmos ?

Murphy’s Law?
I paddle small rivers. What would be a situation for Murphy’s Law to apply? Wouldn’t I get to shore first before using the PLB? Are you thinking of sea kayaking on the ocean, where you’d have to use it in the water?

Is universally applicable especially where the law does not apply

every item in the packs (3) are electronically tagged…including the fabled paddles left in Colorado…ID’d into the smartphone. So coming ashore, out comes the phone where the screen shows a canoe/bag outline with all item point positions referenced, itemized on screen.

even the batteries that are…out of BLIP

Get the floater
The ACR Resqlink won’t work in a drybag. It has to be out with the 10" or so antenna deployed and be facing the sky. It does this automatically if it’s in the antenna deployed position and floating.

The additional waterproof case probably affords a bit more impact resistance as well.

Mine lives in the pocket of my PFD on a 2’ paracord tether. Long evough to float next to me in deep water and short enough to NOT be able to go around my neck.

Many folks Velcro them to the PFD shoulder strap, but I would think that would expose it to more chance of damage on a day to day basis AND its really difficult to get the antenna orientation correct that way. Whatever you decide, be sure it’s tethered and you’ve practiced deploying it in the dark with cold wet fingers. It’s not totally infinitive in those circumstances.

Good luck, be safe,