floatation bags

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i've been thinking about installing floatation bags in my canoe. i plan on removing the stern seat since i mostly paddle solo from the bow in reverse. anyone know of a good www.site with prices of floatation and advice on how to install?

how difficult is it to remove floatation bags when you need the extra space for extended overnight trips?

essentially the bags would only be used on ww trips and removed for my usual floats down my local flows..


try NRS

Call them and tell them what kind of canoe you have. They will be aboe to tell you what bags would fit good.

Mohawk canoes

tie down kit
Northwater’s tie down kit has a style of lacing eyes that are much faster to lace and remove than the standard wire clamp type.

You can see it here


Mike Yee
Check out Mike Yee’s Outfitting gallery for some ideas on tieing in flotation.


i appreciate the links…

the mike yee site has some nice set-ups. from what i see it might be best to get a professional to install the rigging instead of me butchering it, lol…



I second Mohawk
I just purchased their 60" end bags along with their tie down kit and the lacing eyes they offer. Installation wasn’t difficult at all. You’ll need a tube of Vynabond, a drill, some screws or rivets and you’re all set.

It takes all of 5 minutes or less to remove them from my Freedom Solo. Just a matter of unclipping the bags, untying the lacing, removing the cord, and pulling out the bags.

You do not have to remove them
To carry your gear deflate the float bags enough to stuff the gear under them. Then, inflate them enough to hold the gear in place.