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I’m looking for a floatation bag for the stern of my Solo Plus. I bought my old one, which was eaten by bugs, from Wenonah. It was blue and measured 16x56x35 deflated. I looked on the Wenonah web site and there it was. I called them up and they said they would ship it out right away for $39.95. A week later, I get an email from them saying it is no longer in stock and is out of production, but they have one that doesn’t fit my boat for $69.95! What’s up with Wenonah these days? They used to be a cool company.

Does anyone know a good place to buy floatation bags? So far I have had no luck finding the size I need. Thanks in advance.

These might work…
I built my most recent ones, but a small selection of float bags is located here.


Old Town. I bought an end bag from the local old town dealer, and it’s a very high quality bag, much better than the nrs center bag. Was not cheap, but makes the nrs look like a balloon.

Try Mohawk Canoe
Wha Ho, Pilgrim;

Try Mohawk Canoe. They be still selling accessories a’ according to thaar website they be expectin’ a new shipment of airbags in soon.

Fat Elmo

Info please!
I know about the heat sealable nylon out there, but how did you approach making the fill tube and valves?

commercial sources
You can get canoe float bags from, among others:

NOC - http://www.noc.com/store/category_56.html

NRS - http://nrsweb.com/shop/product_list.asp?deptid=1215

Mohwawk - http://www.mohawkcanoes.com/

I just ordered some from
Overstock.com 48" for $40. If you go that route search for coupons to get a discount. They had a couple of other sizes I believe.

The tubing…
should be available at your local hardware store. The valves are available through NRS.


Hope this helps,


floatation bags
Thanks to everyone for all the info.


I found overstock.com last night with a Google search. They seem to have the best deal on Gaia bags. I believe they also have a 60" and a 36" bag. I think I am going to buy from them.